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Welcome to Georgetown!

Ok, if you don’t already know about Georgetown, you get a pass (sort of). Here’s one way to think of it: Georgetown is to Seattle what Red Hook is to New York City.

Why should you come check it out? Because when you love good coffee/beer/music/art/tacos/ design/pinball/motos/youname it, you get a kind of firmness. A tautness of the soul, if you will.

That’s our unofficial slogan, actually: “Come join us in Georgetown, enjoy what we have to offer and tighten your soul.”

Or, read what the travel brochures have to say, and then come on down (We’ll save a stool for you):

“Adventurous visitors will enjoy the historic and colorful Georgetown business district. Located just minutes south of downtown Seattle, this lively cultural community is home to over 40 galleries, diners, nightclubs, coffee houses, art studios, bookstores and more. [And that’s like in the first building. Don’t stop there.]

The neighborhood celebrates its creative diversity with the Georgetown Art Attack on the Second Saturday of each month. Periodic festivals feature challenging visual and performing arts presentations throughout the year. Exotic shopping, diverse dining, and spontaneous spectacles await the public daily in the enchanting Georgetown Industrial Arts Corridor.”

Before Georgetown was the site of Seattle’s first railroad, and before the Interurban, and before they lay out miles of planks for people to walk on what was essentially marshland (some might say still is), you had to hop in a boat to get here. Nowadays you really have no excuse.

[If you don’t already know how to find Georgetown on a map, just hop in your car and drive around until you see the Hat and Boots. Or, use this website’s map function (assuming it works). We’ll help you find your way back. Promise.]

Ubique Daemon / Ubique Deus
Austin Osman Spare; Wikipedia︎

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