People come to Georgetown because interesting isht goes down here.

On a regular night, there’s interesting things to do and see, naturally. When the monthly Art Attack rolls around, though, it gets electric, what with umpteen shows at literally millions of galleries and restaurants and converted back alleys going down.

But when Georgetown has an event? Forget about it. Right down the middle of the street. I mean you can check it, swing it, smack it, paint it, buy it, watch it, eat it, you name it. Georgetown Carnival is a total takeover and not your Grandma’s street fair, unless your Grandma liked to race power tools (Maybe she did? No judgement. If she was from Georgetown, then maybe probably definitely. After curfew, even).

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Georgetown Art Attack

Sept 11th, from 1-7pm

Many galleries/studios are now open normal hours (masks and social distancing required). Please check individual art spaces for details

︎ Georgetown Art Attack

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