Industry isn’t just planes, trains and automobiles. Light manufacturing, Artists, Artisans, Decorators and Designers all flourish in the fertile infill that is Georgetown. Need a stunning rug, a winning couch, a giant piece of marble, some Japanese temple fixtures, a gritty painting, some cabinets, a hand-forged Baudelaire plus a one-of-a-kind lighting fixture to make it all shine? (yeah, I know). Georgetown has many spaces housing people with crazy talent. If you can think it up, it can probably be made here for you. Heck, I guarantee you things you haven’t even thought of are being made for you RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.

All you gotta do is come take a look.

Often erroneously called Seattle’s “First Neighborhood”, we recognize and acknowldge that we are on the traditional land of Seattle’s first people, specifically the Duwamish Tribe, who were creating community in this space long before it’s first colonial neighborhood existed. Learn more at www.duwamishtribe.org