From well before the Seattle Brewing and Malting Company got started in 1883, the place that is Georgetown was a place to work hard, and eat well. And long before it became hip to have an attitude about good food, good coffee, good beer, fast bikes and black carhartts, Georgetown was the place for all of the above. Some of the oldest bars in Seattle, from back when Georgetown wasn’t Seattle, and stayed up late after curfew (a long story), paeans to a time when hanging out and dealing with people IRL was RL.

Still is. 
A neighborhood that has pressure-fried chicken, the Corson building, damn-fine Philly Cheesesteaks and cash-and-carry sushi is what we in the biz call a “contender.” I could go on: Mexican, Breakfast, More Mexican, Hawaiian, Ice Cream, Falafel, QPF (quintessential pub fare), Tamales, Nashville chicken, Japanese burgers…

But that’s the point: find out for yourself. Try some. You’ll be back.

Contact: info@georgetownseattle.org
or 206-429-5133